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BioTech/Health in Dental/Medical
Miami (US East)
Ergonomics Meets Innovation: Medical Illumination Device

Internet/B2C in Collaboration
Munich, Germany (Europe)
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Village Doorman

Business Overview:

Services in e-commerce logistics Sector

Located in New York, US East

CEO is JR Yujuico

Break Even with < $100K in Revenues

Offering Launched, < 10 Employees


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OVERVIEW: People living in NYC have a difficult time receiving packages if they don't live in a doorman building. We partner with neighborhood stores and transform them into mini package receiving centers. Clients get an email/text when the package arrives. 80% of NYC's 3.1m households don't reside in a doorman building (2.48m). Our most basic plan costs $10/month. Our competitors are limited to licensing professional package centers, as opposed to your standard corner store. Because our software and operational process is flexible, we have the ability to put up locations on virtually every block. Stuck. We launched a year ago. While our vendor network has grown to over 50 locations, we are not getting sufficient ROI on our client marketing efforts (online ads, flyers, etc.).


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