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BioTech/Health in Dental/Medical
Miami (US East)
Ergonomics Meets Innovation: Medical Illumination Device

Internet/B2C in Collaboration
Munich, Germany (Europe)
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Business Overview:

Internet/B2C in Recruiting Sector

Located in San Francisco, CA, US West

CEO is Liz Carlson

< $100K in Revenues

Offering Launched, < 10 Employees


3 Votes

OVERVIEW: InTheDoor lets job seekers use their social graph to find open positions where they have an inside edge. You need only to log in with Facebook and InTheDoor will find and sort job listings at the companies where your Facebook friends work. Companies are looking to leverage the Facebook network of their employees to recruit more efficiently. InTheDoor shows you the companies, at a glance, that are hiring in your network. No one else does that. We leverage Facebook in the job search, but we keep things professional. We provide companies, who often spend up to $500 on a single job posting, with better quality candidates. Companies can register with InTheDoor to customize their jobs page and post openings directly on the site. Over 150 organizations have signed up


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