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BioTech/Health in Dental/Medical
Miami (US East)
Ergonomics Meets Innovation: Medical Illumination Device

Internet/B2C in Collaboration
Munich, Germany (Europe)
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Business Overview:

Internet/B2C in free tool Sector

Located in Santa Clara, US West

CEO is Daniele Alberti


Offering In Development, < 10 Employees


12 Votes

OVERVIEW: Vinswer helps people to monetize their expertise everywhere through video chat. The premium-rate telephone number gross income is reckoned +10 Billion dollars a year. 70 Million of advisors in the world. By 2015 consumers will make nearly 30 billion video calls worldwide. 23% of American have participated in video calls. Vinswer is unique for many reasons: We offer a payed video chat application, live with multiple business models. We are finishing the product.


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