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BioTech/Health in Dental/Medical
Miami (US East)
Ergonomics Meets Innovation: Medical Illumination Device

Internet/B2C in Collaboration
Munich, Germany (Europe)
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Business Overview:

Services in B2B B2C Sector

Located in Los Angeles, US West

CEO is Craig Crosby

Unprofitable with < $100K in Revenues

Offering Launched, < 10 Employees


6 Votes

OVERVIEW: Let the pro's compete for your business. Anonymously list anything you need done, and service providers "bid" for your job. eBay like bidding, Yelp like reputations, private messaging and free job notifications add up to fast results. Get it done! 140 million households and small businesses need services (repairs, cleaning, pet care, etc). Participation of just .1% represents $25M to $125M in annual fee revenue, and pro-Bids 12M ad regions represent $100M in annual advertising revenue. pro-Bids does not ”channel“ leads to fee paying members. Users choose from our open, competitive bidding environment. Users are anonymous, internal messaging eliminates annoying phone calls, email and spam. All bids and reputations are public. Operational in '09, secure and tested. Multi-language capable and ready to reach a 150 million dollar revenue target in 2 years. Don’t think the space is hot? Venture Capital has invested $10M dollars in two service startups in in the past 6 mos.

Video Pitch/ Deck available on request


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