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CleanTech/Energy in Spaceflight
Barcelona (Europe)
Clean Tech Answer To The Space Tourism Demand.

Software/B2B in Saa S
Boston (US East)
Project Management 2.0 Turning Communications Into Actions

Internet/B2C in Free Tool
Santa Clara (US West)
Sell Your Know How Via Video Chat

Wireless/Mobile in Location Based
Seattle (US West)
Bringing Location Based Content To Life

Software/B2B in Construction
Auburn (US East)
Providing Affordable, Easy Project Management To The Construction ...

Internet/B2C in Arts And Entertainment
NYC (US East)
An Event Based Network Exclusively For Theatregoers

Internet/B2C in 3 D Virtual Trade Shows
San Francisco (US West)
Virtual Experience. Real Business

Internet/B2C in Education, Search, Students
Boulder (US Central)
Google For Learning

Internet/B2C in Marketplace
New York (US East)
A Vertical Search Engine For Business For Sale Listings

Software/B2B in Electronic Trading
Orlando (US East)
Visualization And Analysis Of Market Data

Other in Disruptive Book Publishing
Salt Lake City, Utah (US West)
Customized, Personalized Books For Time Starved Readers

Software/B2B in Digital Media / E Commerce
Victoria (Canada)
Behaviors Don'T Lie, They Just Double Your Revenue Streams.

Internet/B2C in Food
San Francisco (US West)
Making Dining Out Simple And Personalized

Internet/B2C in Social Networking
Berkeley (US West)
Social Networking For Your Neighborhood

Internet/B2C in Internet Research Tools
Boulder (US West)
Social Research Search • Save • Share Knowledge With Co Known

Internet/B2C in Agriculture Software
Osijek (willing to move to USA) (Europe)
Farm Intelligence Tool

Internet/B2C in Social Network
Chicago (US Central)
Socialize With Your Network In The Real World

Services in B2 B B2 C
Los Angeles (US West)
Get What You Need Done, Done!

Internet/B2C in Consumer Goods
San Rafael (US West)
Making Safety Easier

Internet/B2C in Travel
New York (US East)
Your Travel Network On Facebook

Software/B2B in Enterprise Marketing Management
San Francisco (US West)
The Salesforce.Com For Marketing

Software/B2B in Content Curation, Distribution &...
Newcastle (US West)
Webshoz' Pivot Leveraged Buyout For Waiting Customers

Wireless/Mobile in Applications Distribution
Paris (Europe)
Offering A Social Discovery System For Android Applications

Internet/B2C in Saa S
San Diego (US West)
Healthgrades.Com For The Long Term Care Marketplace

Internet/B2C in E Commerce
Sunnyvale (US West)
Changing The Way Consumers Are Shopping Online!

CleanTech/Energy in Solar
Boston (US East)
A Cost And Land Efficient Solar Approach

Games/Entertainment in Social Games
San Ramon (US West)
Location Based Social Games On Mobile Devices

Internet/B2C in Task Based Social Networks
Lancaster (US East)
Leveraging Social Networks For Search: The Search Network

Other in Electronic Payment
Denver (US West)
We Are Where Pay Pal Wants To Be At

Internet/B2C in Health Supplements
Jackson (US Central)
Helping The World Loose Weight Every Day.

Software/B2B in Software
Paris (Europe)
On Demand Corporate Software

BioTech/Health in Remote Controls
Tampa (US East)
Reduce The Spread Of Germs In Hospitals, Hotels & Households

Advertising in Social Media
La Jolla (US West)
Creating Viral Frameworks To Connect Brands To People

Internet/B2C in App Store Analytics
San Francisco (US West)
Helping Developers To

Software/B2B in Digital E Commerce/Content Delivery
Chicago (US Central)
Affordable Turn Key Digital E Commerce & Content Delivery

Wireless/Mobile in Mobile Money Voice
New York (US East)
Mobile Money For The Unbanked & Mobile People

Internet/B2C in Saas
Montreal (Canada)
Webcam Api For Your Website

Wireless/Mobile in Internet Software
New York (US East)
Terminator Vision Software

Software/B2B in Film And Video Production
Los Angeles (US West)
Marketplace For The Film & Video Production Industry

Games/Entertainment in Games
Costa Mesa (US West)
Stopping Carbon Copy Video Games

Internet/B2C in Personal Finance
Bangalore (Asia / Pacific)
Personal Finance Software For All

Other in Location Based Services
New York (US East)
A Network For Your Location.

Internet/B2C in Social Network
Bristol (Europe)
The Worlds Mood Tracking Micro Blog Website

Internet/B2C in Recruiting
San Francisco, CA (US West)
In The Door Is Job Search For The Facebook Generation

Games/Entertainment in Games
Singapore (Asia / Pacific)
Building A Gaming Empire

Internet/B2C in Consumer Internet
Reston,VA (US East)
Local Product Inventory Discovery With Unlimited Scalability

Software/B2B in Enterprise 2.0
Rio de Janeiro (South America)
Delivering Control Oriented Web Applications In The Cloud

Internet/B2C in Electronic Signatures
Newport Beach (US West)
Making Signing Easy

Communications/Networking in Social Media, Education
Santa Monica (US West)
Bringing The Power Of Smart Social Networking To Learning

Internet/B2C in Digital Content
Oslo (Europe)
Connecting Independent Content Creators With Their Targeted Audience

Internet/B2C in Dispute Resolution
San Jose (US West)
Providing A Justice System For The Internet

Services in Tourism
Corpus Christi (US Central)
Sub See Adventures

Wireless/Mobile in Lbs
Sherwood Park (Canada)
Livestock Traceability Protecting The Food Supply Chain

Advertising in Creative Services
Santa Clara (US West)
Power Of The Crowd To Provide Effective Creative Solutions To Sm Es

Internet/B2C in Health At Home
Santa Clara (US West)
Monitor And Enhance Health @ Home With Technology And Relationship ...

Internet/B2C in Digital Publishing, Social Commerce
Seattle (US West)
Social Reading And Publishing Share Ongoing Stories, Sign E Books

Communications/Networking in Internet
Hartford (US East)
Collectic Media Communities Of Purpose

Services in Consumer And Businesses
Macungie, PA (US East)
Unified Marketing Made Simple.

Internet/B2C in Social Networks
New York (US East)
Real Time Conversations That Go *Poof* On The Social Web

Internet/B2C in Productivity Saa S
San Diego (US West)
Intelligent Time Management System For Professionals

Software/B2B in Saa S
Victoria (Canada)
Predictive Analytics That Personalizes Web Content & Big Data In Re...

Advertising in Mobile Apps
San Francisco (US West)
Cross Promoting Mobile Apps With Other Mobile Apps For Free

Internet/B2C in Tourism
Paris (Europe)
Shiroube Makes Travel Social, Cheap, Unusual

Games/Entertainment in Gambling
Oakland (US West)
Legal Cash Play For Mobile And Social Game Developers

Software/B2B in Cyber Security, Grc And Data Breach
Milan (Europe)
Im Suite Data Breach Management Platform

Electronics in Safety Ip
Copenhagen (Europe)
Self Repairing Hardware Platform (Chips) For Critical Safety Enviro...

Other in Retail
Taipei (Asia / Pacific)
Women'S High Heel Shoes Seeking Expansion Capital After Sell Out Se...

Internet/B2C in Travel
Helsinki (Europe)
Connecting Individual Travelers And Private Guides

Services in Real Estate
Austin (US Central)
Compare Realtors® By Verified Performance Data

Security in Law Enforcement
Charlotte (US East)
Aerial Surveillance Drones For Homeland Security

BioTech/Health in Ophthalmic Medical Device
New York (US East)
Happier Patients And More Efficient Eye Doctors Via Digital Reading...

Wireless/Mobile in Big Data Accumulation
Centeville, Virginia (US East)
Identifying 10 Million Opt In Respondents In The Mobile Phone Channel

Advertising in Digital
Baltimore (US East)
Media Glu Ad Platform

Games/Entertainment in Online Television
Orlando (US East)
Online Pilot Television Network With Built In Audience Measurement.

Internet/B2C in Health Care
Washington, DC (US East)
Providing The Possessive Personal Health Record

Other in Infrastructure Management
Scotts Valley (US West)
Tune Servers For Higher Performance And Lower Tco

Services in It Infrastructure, Network Engin...
Washington, DC (US East)
Explosive Growth Opportunity In Government Datacenter And Cloud

Services in E Commerce Logistics
New York (US East)
Receiving Packages At Your Neighborhood Store

Wireless/Mobile in Ameristream
Port Washington (US East)
Ameristream Delivers Internet Entertainment

Services in Legal
New york (US East)
Online Dispute Resolution

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Business Overview:

Games/Entertainment in Entertainment Sector

Located in Plano, TX, US West

CEO is Nick Qureshi


Offering Launched, < 10 Employees


0 Votes

OVERVIEW: Aspiring models post their digital profiles including audition videos and photos. Models can interact with other models, and modeling agencies can scout to choose new faces for up-and-coming modeling contracts. Estimated Market size is 8-10 Million Aspiring Models. This data has been derived/extracted from by analyzing traffic on top websites such as and There is no modeling website on the internet which allows models (only models) to post their videos. All other modelling websites allow users to post comments, join forums and post pictures ONLY. has a niche. has a web presence already with around 800 hits a month (I launched it a month and a half ago). It has presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace along with a press release through PR Web and around 4 blogs. Next phase is advertising.


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