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Wireless/Mobile in B2 B/B2 C
Denver (US West)
Using Mobile Video Calling In A Whole New Way

Software/B2B in Marketing
Boulder (US West)
Blogmutt Helps Blogs Get Original Content Using Crowdsourcing

Wireless/Mobile in Mobile Payments
San Diego (US West)
Your Smartphone Is Your New Wallet

Games/Entertainment in Mobile Commerce & Health
Silver Spring MD (US East)
Win Rewards And Save Money For 15 Minutes Of Physical Activity

Services in E Books
Boulder (US West)
Turning Bloggers Into E Book Sellers

Internet/B2C in E Commerce
San Diego (US West)
An Online Green Shopping Intervention

Internet/B2C in Web Services
Sunnyvale (US West)
The Easiest Way To Create A Group Discussion

Internet/B2C in Travel
San Francisco (US West)
Where Travelers Meet Locals

Games/Entertainment in Games
Los Angeles, CA (US West)
Filling Odd Time Gaps With Fun And Useful Stuff

Internet/B2C in Publishing
Seattle (US West)
Mapping The Creative Writing Genome

Electronics in Wireless Connectivity
Golden, CO (US West)
Using A Smart Phone To Interact With Objects Augmented With Bluetooth

Software/B2B in Cloud Computing
Union City/San Jose (US West)
Cloud Computing Utility Platform (W/ Founder Institute)

Internet/B2C in Graphic Software
San Diego (US West)
Full Featured Creative Applications Right In The Web Browser.

Games/Entertainment in Puzzles And Games
Redmond, WA (US West)
Building The Premier Source For Puzzles And Puzzle Games

Internet/B2C in Social Networking
Mountain View (US West)
The Easiest Way To Meet New People

Software/B2B in It Security
Austin (US Central)
Transparent Security For Enterprise Content Management Systems

Internet/B2C in Social Networking
Santa Clara (US West)
Helping Teens Manage Their Romantic Relationships

Internet/B2C in Creative Media
Santa Clara, CA (US West)
Revolutionizing The Way People Find Photos (W/ The Founder Institute)

Wireless/Mobile in Near Field Communication
Raleigh, NC (US East)
Nfc/Rfid Mobile Coupons And Loyalty Programs (W/ Founder Institute)

Wireless/Mobile in Productivity
Oakland (US West)
Mobile Printing That Just Works

in Service Industry
San Diego (US West)
An Amazon.Com For The Service Industry

BioTech/Health in Healthcare It
Williamsville (US East)
The Sales Force.Com Of Online Patient Education

Internet/B2C in Politics
San Diego (US West)
Engage Your Democracy

Internet/B2C in Education
Palo Alto, CA (US West)
Enabling Anyone To Create Online Courses And Webinars W/ Founder In...

Games/Entertainment in Education
Laguna Beach (US West)
The World Is Your Campus

Internet/B2C in Photosharing
Paris, France (Europe)
Developing A Vimeo Like Player For Pictures

Internet/B2C in Education
San Francisco (US West)
Find And Choose The Best Continuing Education

Games/Entertainment in Games
San Diego (US West)
The Next Big Thing In Fantasy Sports

Games/Entertainment in Mobile, Online, Console, Pc/Mac ...
Austin, Texas (US Central)
Brand Based Social Gaming

Software/B2B in Travels
San Diego (US West)
Give Travel Agents The Tools To Take Their Revenge On Expedia

Wireless/Mobile in Retail
Berkeley, CA (US West)
Use Your Mobile To Try Before You Buy

Software/B2B in E Commerce
Bellevue, WA (US West)
Web Delivered Cross Promotions To Build B2 B Lists And Sales

Advertising in Sponsored Placements
Harrison, NJ (US East)
Managing Content Relevance

Wireless/Mobile in Advertising
Santa Monica (US West)
Connecting Print Promotions To The Mobile Web!

BioTech/Health in Healthcare It
San Francisco (US West)
Mobilizing Medical Information Systems

CleanTech/Energy in Water Provision
Santa Barbara (US West)
Water Desalination And Purification

Internet/B2C in Consumer Electronics
Newport Beach (US West)
Building The Zappos Of Batteries.

Internet/B2C in E Commerce
San Francisco (US West)
Save Money. Eat Better.

Software/B2B in (Electronic Date Interchange Be...
Seattle, WA. (US West)
Saa S Edi Platform

Internet/B2C in Publishing
Seattle (US West)
Marketplace For Children'S Books, Media And Merchandise

Internet/B2C in Transportation
San Diego (US West)
Bringing Event Logging Into The 21st Century

Software/B2B in Cloud Computing
Singapore (Asia / Pacific)
Self Service Cloud Portal On V Mware Stack

Internet/B2C in Web 2.0
Novato, CA (US West)
Private Content Search, Management And Backup

Wireless/Mobile in Business Networking
NYC, NY (US East)
Business Networking Meetings Saas/Mobile

Games/Entertainment in Video Games
Huntington Beach (US West)
Big Screen Gaming

Internet/B2C in Travel
Houston (US Central)
Book Group Travel In Facebook Making Group Travel Painless

Internet/B2C in Social Media
Mountain View / Boulder (US West)
Analyzing The Drumbeat Of The Social Web In Real Time

Security in High Assurance User Centric Iden...
Los Gatos, CA (US West)
Universal Cloud Id

Internet/B2C in Travel
San Francisco (US West)
Making It Easier To Travel With Your Friends

Communications/Networking in Digital Media
Seattle (US West)
Add Voice Commentary To Digital Photos

Internet/B2C in Kids
Phoenix (US West)
Online Chore Chart For Kids With Reward Store

Internet/B2C in Media Talents
Singapore (Asia / Pacific)
Online Marketplace Matching Creatives With Media Companies

Internet/B2C in Social Media Tools
Austin (US Central)
Dead Simple Curation And Social Media Analytics

Wireless/Mobile in M Commerce
San Diego (US West)
P2 P Instant, Location Aware, Mobile Marketplace

in Unified Communications
New York City (US East)
Unison: Unified Communications For Every S.M.B.

BioTech/Health in Beverage
Los Angeles (US West)
The World'S First Sleep Drink: Red Turtle

Internet/B2C in Real Estate
Seattle (US West)
Expedia For Meeting Space

Software/B2B in Networking
Sunnyvale (US West)
Making Networking Simple

Wireless/Mobile in Social Media
Seattle (Willing to relocate to ... (US West)
Social Scrapbooking

Software/B2B in Online Video
San Franscisco (US West)
Tumblr For Video

Software/B2B in Predictive Analytics
San Francisco (US West)
Crowdsourced Predictive Modeling

Internet/B2C in Fashion Retail
New York (US East)
Your Online Closet

Internet/B2C in Social
Los Angeles (moving to SF Bay area) (US West)
Atomkeep: Keeps Your Profiles Synced Everywhere!

Internet/B2C in Mental Health
Reno (US West)
On Demand Phone Counseling

CleanTech/Energy in Biofuel Cell
Cincinnati (US East)
Generating Dc And H Gas With Unique Bacteria

Software/B2B in Online Publishing
NYC/Calgary / Salt Lake City (US East)
Improving Monetization For Online Publishers!

Internet/B2C in Digital Reading
San Francisco (US West)
Digitally Read And Summarize Huge Heaps Of Text In Seconds

Software/B2B in Saa S Enterprise
Venice (US West)
The Saa S Solution To Eliminate Workplace Injuries

Electronics in Video Telepresence
Menlo Park (US West)
Video Telepresence Windows Facetime For Home

Internet/B2C in Opinions
San Francisco (US West)
Decision Tool Giving Tangibility To Opinions On The Web

Internet/B2C in Cloud Computing
Orlando (US East)
E Bay For Spare Cpu Cycles

Advertising in User Generated Advertising Marke...
Vancouver (Canada)
E Bay For Advertising

CleanTech/Energy in Transportation
Toronto (Canada)
Revolutionizing How We Pay To Drive

Internet/B2C in Creative Media (Photography)
San Diego (US West)
Creating Online Visual Search Platform For Imagery

Internet/B2C in Saa S Qa/Testing
Stockholm (Europe)
Online Web Site Load Testing

Games/Entertainment in Sports
New York (US East)
Connecting Pro Athletes And Fans In A Social Environment

Services in Financial Services
Los Angeles (US West)
Crowdfunding An Sec Approved Ipo On Your Own Web Site

in Digital Media
New Haven (US East)
Digital Movie Distribution Directly To The Masses

Internet/B2C in Mapping
Greenwood Village (US Central)
U Mapper Create, Track, Distribute And Monetize Online Maps

Games/Entertainment in Social Casual Games
San Jose (US West)
Flash Microtransaction & Game Cast Platform

Internet/B2C in Social Commerce
Santa Ana (US West)
An Opinion Engine, Bringing Real Time To Reviews.

Software/B2B in Security
Mt. Laurel, NJ (US East)
Slashing Infrastructure Costs Of The Massive Next Gen Surveillance ...

Internet/B2C in Telemedicine
Palo Alto (US West)
A Platform For Secure Online Counseling

Internet/B2C in Books
New York (US East)
Combining Ebooks And The Social Web

Other in Social Media
Palo Alto (US West)
Empowering Employees To Improve Their Company

Internet/B2C in Social Media / Audio
Bologna (Europe)
Bridging Radio And Social Media

Internet/B2C in General Purpose Business Widgets
Hillsborough (US West)
Business Focused Widgets That Build Shared Revenues

Internet/B2C in Health Services
Los Angeles (US West)
"Expedia" For Health/Wellness Appointments

CleanTech/Energy in Lighting
Atlanta GA (US East)
High Performance Led Lighting Fixture Manufacturer

Wireless/Mobile in Social Applications
Bangalore (Asia / Pacific)
Mobile Social Gaming

in Personal Email Marketing
Fort Lauderdale (US East)
Person2 Person Email Marketing

in Media
Seattle (US West)
Filtered "You Tube" For Kids, Going Mobile

Games/Entertainment in Enterprise Software
Tallinn (Europe)
Analytics Platform For Software Development

Communications/Networking in Wireless/Infrastructure
Folsom, CA (US West)
Instant, Portable, Universal Last Mile Connections

Games/Entertainment in Digital Broadcasting
Orlando moving to the Bay Area ASAP (US East)
Dtv Lead Generation: You Tube Meets Lending Tree

BioTech/Health in Dietary Supplements
Mountain View (US West)
Jet Lag Free Travel.

Communications/Networking in Wireless/Mobile/Software
Boulder (US West)
Web 3.0 Mobile Convergence

Software/B2B in Data Center/Cloud Computing
Campbell, CA (US West)
Financial Management For It Infrastructure

Services in Travel
Thousand Oaks (US West)
The Personal Airline! Fly Upto 10x Faster Than Airlines

Internet/B2C in Health
Los Angeles (US West)
The Web Md Of Genetics +

Internet/B2C in Digital Media
Seattle (US West)
Social Commerce For Media And Entertainment

Electronics in Internet / New Media
Palo Alto (US West)
Teleconferencing: Pc To Tv; Tv To Tv; And Tv To Cell

Games/Entertainment in Scripted Social Networking
Santa Clara (US West)
Facebook For Fictional Characters

BioTech/Health in Fitness
Munich (Europe)
Get Them All Into Sports!

Wireless/Mobile in Gaming / Social
Seattle/Washington D.C (US East)
Gps Mobile Phone Social Networked Video Games

CleanTech/Energy in Solar Roofing Tiles
Northern California- EU (US West)
Integrated Solar Roofing

Games/Entertainment in Production
Santa Ana, CA (US West)
Cost Effective, High Quality Content Production

Internet/B2C in Travel
New York (US East)
Publishing Travel Deals For Travelers In India

Other in Retail Financial Services
Seattle (US West)
Financial Services For The Unbanked & Underbanked!

Internet/B2C in Secure Team Document Sharing (Saa S)
Atlanta, GA (US East)
Virtual Fileserver For Nomadic Businesses

BioTech/Health in E Health
Delafield (US Central)
Search And Scheduling For Health Appointments

Services in Managed Payment Services Platfor...
San Bruno, CA (US West)
Secure E Debit System For Financial Institutions

Internet/B2C in Travel/Lead Generation
San Francisco (US West)
Bringing Intelligence To Timeshare Lead Generation

Internet/B2C in Social Discovery
Palo Alto (US West)
Personalize Discovery Of Products And Services

Internet/B2C in Personal Finance
Santa Barbara (US West)
Forward Looking Personal Financial Management

Software/B2B in Collaboration Community
Mountain View (US West)
Early Stage Collaboration Community

Internet/B2C in B2 C
Toronto (Canada)
Establisehd Recording Artist Direct Sales Business

Internet/B2C in Greeting Cards
Brooklyn (US East)
Crowd Sourced, Print On Demand Greeting Cards

Software/B2B in Cloud Migration
Atlanta (US East)
Facebook For Data Paa S Enabled Distributed Data Integration

Internet/B2C in Website Development
Los Angeles (US West)
Cloud Based Site Editing Tool

Software/B2B in Education
Los Angeles (US West)
Helping Universities Build Scalable Online Classes

Wireless/Mobile in Geo Location
San Jose (US West)
A Geo Location Multi Check In Service

Communications/Networking in Emergency Communications
Mountain View (US West)
Civilian Emergency Communications 2.0

Internet/B2C in Shopping
San Francisco (US West)
Follow The Shopping Activity Of People That Interest You

in Gaming, Online Advertising
Bayville (US East)
Online Gaming Vertical Ad Network

CleanTech/Energy in Sustainable Resorce
Adelaide. (Asia / Pacific)
Creating Fresh Water From The Sea Ground Water 24/7

Internet/B2C in Education
Burlingame, London (US West)
Collaborative Learning Made Simple

Internet/B2C in Digital Media / Social
Los Angeles CA (US West)
The Next Evolution In Image Management

in Mobile Augmented Reality
Raleigh (US East)
Mobile Augmented Reality Platform

Electronics in Display Technology
Los Angeles (US West)
New Display Technology

Internet/B2C in Social Bookmarking
Ft Lauderdale (US East)
Collect,Organize And Share The Web In One Step.

Wireless/Mobile in Mobile Voice 2.0
Los Angeles (US West)
Mobile Voice 2.0 Applications / I Phone, Android

Games/Entertainment in Online Games And Education
Atlanta (US East)
Game Based Learning

Internet/B2C in Rating
San Jose (US West)
Rating & Reputation Score Similar To Credit Score

BioTech/Health in Medical Devices
Langhorne, PA (US East)
Diagnosing Osteoporosis Based On Bone Microarchitecture

Internet/B2C in Business
Mountain View (US West)
Tc50 Finalist: Start And Share Revenue For Your Online Business

Other in In Store Marketing/Advertising
San Jose (US West)
The Google Of In Store Advertising

BioTech/Health in Pharmacy
Wayzata (US Central)
Transforming The Specialty Prescription Drug Medication Marketplace.

Wireless/Mobile in Photo Images
San Francisco (US West)
Auction Market For Cameraphone Images For Use In Media.

Wireless/Mobile in Collaboration
New York (US East)
Mobile Web Conferencing And Social Publishing

BioTech/Health in Sporting Goods/Physical Therapy
San Francisco (US West)
Revolutionizing The Sports Of Swimming, Triathlon, And Skin Diving

Advertising in List Marketing
Seattle (US West)
Hook Just The Marketing List You Need

Internet/B2C in Electronic Marketplace
Atlanta (US East)
Live Interactive Real Time Marketplace For New And Used Cars

BioTech/Health in Health It Services
Framingham, MA (US East)
Get The Possible Outcome After Surgery. I Get Better Will Lead The ...

Internet/B2C in Loyalty Auction / Churn
Naples, FL (US East)
Consumer Loyalty For Sale, At Auction. Us Patent 7464053

Internet/B2C in Web Applications
Berlin, Germany (Europe)
Providing Cash Generating Extensions For Google Wave

BioTech/Health in Health 2.0
Menlo Park, CA (US West)
Empowering Families & Caregivers To Assist Aging Loved Ones

Internet/B2C in Boomer Services
Seattle (US West)
Helping Boomers Help Their Parents Age In Place

Wireless/Mobile in Games
Silicon Valley (US West)
Mobile E Learning Apps And Games

Wireless/Mobile in Location/Events
San Francisco (US West)
Foursquare At The Booth Level For Event Goers

Internet/B2C in E Commerce/Social Shopping
Palo Alto (US West)
Revolutionizing Social Shopping

Internet/B2C in Lbs
Vancouver (Canada)
Reward Customers For Checking In!

Internet/B2C in Media
Ljubljana (Europe)
Personalized Newspaper

Games/Entertainment in Games
Singapore (Asia / Pacific)
Next Gen Game Developer

Electronics in Consumer Electronics (Cell Phone...
Pittsburgh (US East)
Motion Sensing For The Masses

Wireless/Mobile in Mobile Banking
Woburn (US East)
Mobile Banking & Mobile Payments Market Leadership

Internet/B2C in Social Networking / Communities
Quito - Ecuador (South America)
How To Successfully Monetize An Online Niche Community.

Software/B2B in Information Technology
Denver (US West)
Software That Helps The Multi Billion $ Real Estate Mortgage Process

Internet/B2C in Home Improvement
New York (US East)
Collaboration Platform Of The Home Improvement Industry

Internet/B2C in Online Personals
Sunnyvale. (US West)
Online Dating 3.0

CleanTech/Energy in Fuel, Specialty Chemicals & Lubr...
Chicago (US Central)
Next Generation Refining Platform

Internet/B2C in Advertising
Vancouver (Canada)
Hyper Local Neighborhood Websites

Other in Industrial Automation Marine Ter...
Washington DC (US East)
Fully Automated Container Terminal System

Services in Outsourcing
Chicago (US Central)
Award Winning Virtual Assistant Service Provider

Internet/B2C in Content And Advertising Delivery
Los Angeles (US West)
Completely Automated Content And Ad Delivery Platform

Internet/B2C in Pricing, Games
Seattle (US West)
The Scientifically Priced Marketplace

Services in Customized Food
Miami (US East)
Custom Made Granola The Way You Like It!

Services in Online Classified Ads In Spanish...
Belmont (US West)
Classified Ads For Spanish Speakers In The United States Of America

Software/B2B in Carbon Credits
Philadelphia (US East)
Carbon Credit Software As A Service Opportunity

Software/B2B in Mobile Field Force Automation
Sydney (Asia / Pacific)
Intelligent Fleet Tracking, Job Allocation, Route Optimisation Solu...

BioTech/Health in Software Medical Devices
Cleveland (US Central)
The New Adt For Home Health Monitoring

Internet/B2C in Travel
Rotterdam (Europe)
I Bidlow Discover Hotwire & Priceline Hotels

Software/B2B in Consumer Electronics
Atlanta (US East)
High End Electronics @ Up To 90% Off Retail With 3500% Profit Margins

Internet/B2C in Wellness, Family
Chicago (US Central)
E Wo Ff Network For Family And Friends

Software/B2B in Online Recruiting
Amman (ME/Africa)
Connecting Job Seekers And Recruiters Through Social Media

Security in Business Process Improvement
Seattle (US West)
Empowering It Security Leaders

Wireless/Mobile in Wifi Internet
London (Europe)
Monetizing Any Wifi Network

Software/B2B in Hcm
Washington, DC (US East)
Transparency To The Consulting Bench

Software/B2B in Video Collaboration
Mountain View, CA (US West)
Remote Team Work Made Simple

Internet/B2C in Consumer Products
Chino Hills (US West)
Swap Anything For Anything

Software/B2B in Politics
Washington D.C. (US East)
Changing The Way Political Campaigns Are Run And Won.

Software/B2B in Transportation/Logistics
Elk Grove Village, IL (US Central)
Trucking E Marketplace

Software/B2B in Advertising
Torino (Europe)
Mobile Ad Supported Web Tv Solution

Internet/B2C in Commercial Real Estate
Campbell (US West)
Leading Search Engine And Marketplace For Commercial Real Estate

Other in Eco Fashion
Portland, OR (US West)
Crow Clothing Eco Clothing And Healthy Living

Games/Entertainment in Ecommerce, Secondary Ticket Indu...
Rotterdam (Europe)

Internet/B2C in Translation
Panama (South America)
Reducing Cost Of Translation And Interpreters By 80%

Internet/B2C in Cell Phones
Orlando (US East)
Why Buy? When You Can Borrow.

CleanTech/Energy in Green Building Systems
Coralville (US Central)
Clean Tech/Green Building Systems

Internet/B2C in Networking/Dating
Boston (US East)
Reconnecting Strangers That Liked Each Other

Internet/B2C in Online Media
New York (US East)
Information, Inspiration & Tools For The New Retirement

Other in Education
Boston (US East)
Help Students Study Internationally.

Internet/B2C in Search Engines
Laurel (US East)
Implementing B2 C, B2 B Vertical Search Engines

Software/B2B in Enterprise Content Management
Los Angeles (US West)
Enterprise Content Management Meets Surface Technology

Internet/B2C in Publishing
Miami (US East)
The Newsstand Made By Anyone

Wireless/Mobile in Coupons
Port Chester NY (US East)
The First Mobile Coupons For Grocery Shopping Anywhere.

Software/B2B in Public Sector
Austin (US Central)
Improve Performance Management Programs

Software/B2B in Healthcare
Phoenix (US West)
Reducing Doctor Pain For Sharing Medical Information

Other in Digital Media
San Francisco (US West)
Next Generation Content Handling Network

BioTech/Health in Health Care
Mundelein (US Central)
Life Drive Portable Medical Records

Software/B2B in Advertising And Lead Generation
Mountain View (US West)
Google Adsense For Phone Leads

Software/B2B in Online Video
San Francisco/LA (US West)
Real Gravity

Software/B2B in Content Offload
Silver Spring, MD (US East)
Making Content Acceleration Better, Easier And Affordable

Wireless/Mobile in Mobile Apps
Los Angeles (US West)
Ponder. Get In Touch With Your Apps.

Internet/B2C in Travel Services
San Francisco (US West)
Merging Social Media And Search To Enrich The Travel Experience

Internet/B2C in Social Networking
Sacramento Area (US West)
Plaxo For Social Networks + Vanity Domains

Wireless/Mobile in Mobile Apps
Santa Clara (US West)
The Simplest And Most Affordable Way To Make Mobile Apps

Internet/B2C in Search Engine & Social Network
Hayward (US West)
Your Search Engine & Social Network

Software/B2B in Marketing Software
Ann Arbor (US East)
Buycentives The Only Real Time, Data Driven, Personalized Purchas...

Internet/B2C in Shopping/Search
Boston (US East)
Visual, Taste Based Shopping Search Engine (Patented)

Internet/B2C in Job Search/Recruitment
Stamford (US East)
Job Referral Marketplace

Advertising in Lead Generation
Las Vegas (US West)
Match.Com + Expedia.Com + Lendingtree.Com = Trooval.Com

Other in Media & Instruction
Los Angeles (US West)
Video And Social Network For Music Enthusiasts

Internet/B2C in Reverse Adsvertisement/Lead Gene...
Sunnyvale (US West)
Disruptive Open Business Voice Request System

Software/B2B in Business Services
Omaha (US Central)
Vendorin: An Information Network To Enable Companies In The Digital...

Services in Digital Media
Los Altos, California (US West)
Digital Media Content Creation And Distribution Toolset

Internet/B2C in Consumer Electronics & Tech Prod...
San Jose (US West)
Engadget Meets Qvc & Next Discovery Communications Of Tech Industry

in Support
New York and Ramat Gan, Israel (US East)
Autonomic Pc Repair Service For It Service Providers

CleanTech/Energy in Energy
Orem, UT & Sun Valley, ID (US West)
Building Biomass & Coal To Liquids Plant On Large Lignite Reserve

Internet/B2C in Information Management
Aptos (US West)
Control Your Business, Web Tools For Independent Professionals

Advertising in Recommender Systems / Predictive...
Berlin (Europe)
Personalization And Recommendation Platform

Internet/B2C in Digital Media
Waterford City (Europe)
V Reel.Net Venture Capital

Advertising in Ad Development
Upland (US West)
Reinventing The Marketing Wheel

Internet/B2C in Internet Media/Social
Atlanta (US East)
Find The Best Restaurants, Bars And Hotels Across The Us

Internet/B2C in Online Video
Bethlehem, PA (US East)

Software/B2B in Advertising & Media Planning
Houston,TX (Virtual). Developmen... (US Central)
Increasing Roi Of Promotional Advertisment Spends (Patent Pending...

Wireless/Mobile in Smart Phones
Philadelphia burbs (US East)
Jay Phone: A Linux Based Hybrid Smartphone And Pc

Internet/B2C in Printing Online Advertising
San Diego, CA (US West)
Free Better, Faster & Cheaper Color Printing

Internet/B2C in Online Marketplace/Search
NYC (US East)
An "Instant Search" For Products And Services Worldwide.

Internet/B2C in Consumer Review
New York (US East)
Collective Sys.Com Wikipedia Of Commerce

Software/B2B in Commercial Equipment Distributio...
Plano, TX (US Central)
Commercial Equipment Finance Collaboration (Saa S) Platform

Communications/Networking in Mobile Content Monetization
Bangkok (Asia / Pacific)
Philanthropic, Mobile Content Monetization Platform

Internet/B2C in Smart Fashion & Social Networking
Chicago (US Central)
Smart Fashion, Social Networking And Safety For Tweens

Games/Entertainment in Music
Montreal (Canada)
Making It Easy For Musicians To Find And Jam With Each Other

Internet/B2C in Social Apps
Chicago (US Central)
Virtual Currency For Social Change

BioTech/Health in Personalized Medicine
Sebastopol, CA (US West)
Genome Management Software

Internet/B2C in Social Networking, Mobile Applic...
Trumbull (US East)
I Tickle U

Internet/B2C in Recruitment Advertising
Ottawa (Canada)
Helping Military Find Their Next Job

Games/Entertainment in Mobile, Pc
Toronto (Canada)
Offering 3 D Experience Without Glasses On Smart Phones & Pc

Internet/B2C in E Commerce
Santa Clara, CA (US West)
Online Marketplace For Restaurants Orders

Internet/B2C in Smart Home Automation
Las Vegas (US West)
The Final Proper Design: Smart Home Of The Future

Internet/B2C in Web 3.0 For Images
Tel Aviv (ME/Africa)
Web 3.0 For Images & Video

Internet/B2C in Digital Content
New York (US East)
A Marketplace For Digital Content

Services in Price Comparison
Stockholm & Los Angeles (US West)
Disrupting The Price Comparison Market

Internet/B2C in Publishing
Somatic Digital, LLC (US East)
Developing Roi On Printed Advertising The Touch Through

Games/Entertainment in Online Content
Los Angeles (US West)
Leveraging Online Video Content

Wireless/Mobile in Mobile Video Messaging
Los Angeles (US West)
Harness The Power Of Word Of Mouth, Peer2 Peer Advertising

Other in Powersports
Brisbane (Asia / Pacific)
Powersports For Board Riders

Software/B2B in Hourly Workers (Retail, Foodserv...
Burlington (US East)
Text Message To Improve Hourly Worker Operations

Electronics in Sensors
Jersey City (US East)
Inventors Of Revolutionary Motion Sensing Technology

Internet/B2C in Marketing
Atlanta (US East)
Creating A National Brand For Local Search

Internet/B2C in Advertising
San Jose (US West)
Intelligently Targeted Short Link Advertising Datamine.

Internet/B2C in Gaming, Dating, Social Networking
London (Europe)
Social Gaming

Services in Apparel
Canoga Park (US West)
Profitable Apparel Company Looking For Funding

Internet/B2C in Ad Marketing
Ft. Lauderdale (US East)
Snop Till You Drop!

Internet/B2C in Licensing New Products
Santa Rosa, CA (US West)
Process That Generates Spin Offs

Internet/B2C in Social Commerce
Bangalore (Asia / Pacific)
Storrz Social Shopping Marketplace Allows Users To Discover, Share ...

Internet/B2C in Financial Intelligence
Tel Aviv (ME/Africa)
Fi 2.0

Internet/B2C in Online Games
London (Europe)
Combining Social Networks And Online Games

Advertising in Email Marketing
Seattle (US West)
List Marketing Service Platform For Marketers

Internet/B2C in E Commerce
Bath, UK (Europe)
Shared Profit Online Book Retailing

Advertising in Internet
Seattle (US West)
Local Insight For Travlers

Advertising in Digital Media
Mumbai (Asia / Pacific)
Multi Channel Performance Advertising

BioTech/Health in Fitness/ Rehabilitation
Providing Inexpensive Exercise/Rehab Equipment For Multiple Industr...

Internet/B2C in Social Shopping
Bay Area (US West)
Get Everyone On The Same Page At The Same Time!

Other in Hand Tools
Hailey (US West)
First New, Patented Hand Tool In 35 Years

Software/B2B in Online To Offline
San Francisco (US West)
Largest Offers Database For Instant Monetization Of Any Application

Internet/B2C in Consumer Services
Dallas (US Central)
Increasing Transparency To The Wealth Management Through Ratings & ...

Software/B2B in Railroad/Transportation
Houston (US West)
Revolutionize Ecommerce In The Rail Industry

Security in Online Video
San Francisco (US West)
Fighting Crime With Citizen Operated Web Cameras!

Software/B2B in Rv Ma S
NeoVSP (ME/Africa)
Managed Video Surveillance Platform

Software/B2B in Dw/Bi
New York (US East)
Next Gen Full Data Warehouse And Visualization

Other in Personal Financial Services
San Francisco (US West)
Earn Higher Deposit Rates Within 4 Clicks

CleanTech/Energy in Transportation
Ann Arbor, MI (US Central)
Electric Vehicles Motorcycles & Motorscooters

CleanTech/Energy in Consulting And Products
New York (US East)
500 Local Eco Consultants Greening Our World, One Home And Office A...

BioTech/Health in Consumer Health Care
Glendale, CA (US West)
Brand Development Engine For Consumer Health Products

BioTech/Health in Medical Tourism
Ahmedabad (Asia / Pacific)
Medical Tourism Social Network

Software/B2B in Equipment Rental
Tulsa (US Central)
Equipment Store + Renter Marketplace

Internet/B2C in Apparel
San Francisco (US West)
Aksel Online Apparel Company

Internet/B2C in Imaging Technology
Singapore (Asia / Pacific)
Imaging Technology For All

Other in Sports Cars
Corona (US West)
Volarri Exotic Ultra Light Sports Car

Games/Entertainment in Social Gaming
Palo Alto (US West)
Making Social Gaming Development Simple

Internet/B2C in
(US Central)

CleanTech/Energy in Sustainable Energy / Real Estate
Nijmegen (Netherlands) (Europe)
Ther Vas Energy Roof

Games/Entertainment in Internet Saa S
San Jose (US West)
The You Tube Of Widgets

BioTech/Health in Disease Prevention
Athens, Ga. (US East)
Reducing Vector Borne Diseases

Internet/B2C in Video
Tel Aviv (Europe)
Create Our Videos And Get Paid

Software/B2B in Human Resources
Cleveland (US East)
Successful Career Management Site Seeks Funding

Internet/B2C in Career/Education
Chicago (US Central)
Attacking And Unifying The Career 2.0 Space

in Online Advertising
Budd Lake (US East)
Online Advertising Platform With Local Networking

Internet/B2C in Hospitality/Entertainment
San Francisco Bay Area (US West)
E Bay For Restaurant Services...Platform For All Consumer Deals.

Services in Authentication Saa S Model
Irving, TX (US Central)
Digital Authentication For Collectibles

Wireless/Mobile in Content / Multimedia
Chicago (US Central)
Empower Mobile Employees With Multimedia To Black Berry & I Phone

Software/B2B in Tax
College Park (US East)
Revolutionizing Tax Preparation

Security in Mssp
Burlingame (US West)
Launch Of Security Service Provider

in Entertainment
Winnipeg (Canada)
Next Gen Iptv Platform

Internet/B2C in Group Collaboration Tools
Cambridge (US East)
Making It Easy For Students To Work In Groups

Software/B2B in Social Networking
London (Europe)
Business Social Network

Internet/B2C in Communities
Amsterdam (Europe)
Global Online Consumer Electronics Community

in Business Intelligence
Lisle, IL (US Central)
Putting Business Intelligence On The Map

Other in Alcoholic Beverages
London (Europe)
International Brand Extention Into The Drinks Industry

Games/Entertainment in Internet
New York (US East)
Website Personalization Utility, 6 Sites Signed & Growing

Internet/B2C in Communication, Voice/Messaging
London (Europe)
Managing How People Contact You

BioTech/Health in Medical Devices
Tel Aviv (ME/Africa)
A New 'Dry' & Safe Breast Implant

in Online Retail
New York (US East)
Making A Game Of Retail

in Social Applications
Atlanta (ME/Africa)
Mobilize Your World With Mobimii.

CleanTech/Energy in Eco Friendly
Sydney (Asia / Pacific)
Sustainable Odour Management For Industry

CleanTech/Energy in Red Led'S
High Power Red Led'S

in Film And Licensing
New York (US East)
Growing Our Profit And Potential With Advertising

in Mobile Commerce
Boulder, CO (US West)
M Shopper, Turning The Mobile Shopping Dream Into Reality

Internet/B2C in Social Networking / Information
Freehold (US East)
Leading Social Networking Site Seen On National Tv, Seeking Inves...

Internet/B2C in B2 C
Atlatna (US East)
Svc Mart.Com Post Request, Get The Best Service

Advertising in Social Networking
New York (US East)
Creating A Platform Of Niche Targeted Social Networks

BioTech/Health in Electronic Health Records
Sydney, London (Europe)
International Electronic Health Record Software Company

Games/Entertainment in Video Game Scoring/Events
4 employees (US West)
Handicap Scoring System For Video Games

Internet/B2C in Social Networking
Fremont (US West)
Consumer Reports Meets Facebook

Software/B2B in Collaboration
Bangalore (Asia / Pacific)
Team Ware Platform For Business And Organizations

Internet/B2C in E Learning
Taipei (Asia / Pacific)
Matching Asian Companies With Professionals To Teach Focused Englis...

Software/B2B in Business
Toronto (Canada)
Revolutionize Software Developement

Software/B2B in Financial Services
Los Angeles, CA (US West)
Bringing Transparency To The Consumer Loan Marketplace

Services in Finance
Malibu (US West)
Equipment Finance Software Launch Opportunity

CleanTech/Energy in Renewable Diesel
San Francisco/San Jose (US West)
Biodiesel "2.0"

Internet/B2C in E Health/Targeted Ad
Dallas (US Central)
Personalized Web Based Health Information Delivery Solution

Games/Entertainment in App Marketplace
Mumbai (Asia / Pacific)

Services in Translation
Manchester (Europe)
Fastest Growing Translation And Interpreting Company

Other in Visual Merchandising
San Francisco (US West)
Eco Friendly Storage, Organization, Display, And Packaging

Internet/B2C in Product Recommendation, Review,N...
aldie,va (US East)
My Jil.Com Social Money Engine /Product Recommendations, Reviews, P...

Wireless/Mobile in Mobile Money Voice
New York (US East)

Security in Home Automation
Cincinnati (US East)
The Home/Office Automation Everybody Wants

CleanTech/Energy in On Demand Hydrogen Systems And E...
Bostic (US East)
Improving Fuel Economy On Gas And Diesel Engines

Advertising in Web Surfers
Austin (US Central)
Delivering Targeted Advertising Directly To The Desktop

Internet/B2C in Ict Web Services & Solutions
Singapore (Asia / Pacific)
Web World Express, Integrated Web Services & Solutions Portal (B2 B...

Software/B2B in Internet Utility
Fort Lauderdale (US East)
Branding Tool Of The 21 Century!

BioTech/Health in Biofuels
rio de janeiro (South America)
Device That Allows Any Car To Run On Any Amount Of Gasoline Or Alcohol

Internet/B2C in Internet Sports
New York (US East)
Hockey Barn.Com: Your Game, Your Way

Other in Athletics
NY (US East)
New Athletic Brand "Gives Back To Get Back"

CleanTech/Energy in Carbon / Reforestation
Tampa, Florida (South America)
The Worldwide Green Foundation Releases $100 = 1 Acre For Charity &...

Internet/B2C in Education
Emeryville (US West)
Teach People To Read And Speak English Online

Internet/B2C in Online Backup
San Francisco (US West)
Online Backup Without The Datacenter

Games/Entertainment in Entertainment
Plano, TX (US West)
Video Social Networking Site For Aspiring Models

BioTech/Health in Software As A Service
New York (US East)
Maximizing Healing And Minimizing Costs In Physical Therapy

Games/Entertainment in Music, Games & Sports
Sunnyvale (US West)
Cable Tv Like Multi Channel Internet Media Portal

Internet/B2C in Content
Vancouver, WA (US West)
Making Content Consumption Via Rss Easy, By Adding A Social Curatio...

Internet/B2C in Consumer Mobile Service
Tel Aviv ISRAEL (ME/Africa)
Stop Eating Sh!T

Internet/B2C in It Infrastructure
Miami (US East)
Full Service Business Cloud Computing For Smb'S

Internet/B2C in Live Expert Advice
Hyderabad (Asia / Pacific)
Offering Live Expert Solutions To Global Clients, Anywhere Anytime!

Services in Customer Rentals
Playa del Rey, CA (US West)
Renting Hd Helmet Cameras To Sports Enthusiasts

Other in Dune Restoration And Protecting ...
Jupiter (US East)
Coastal Beach Restoration

Internet/B2C in Virtual Worlds / Sports Fans
Medford (US West)
3 D Pro Athlete Village

Wireless/Mobile in Manufacturing Bc+Bb
S.Hackensack (US East)
Start Up On A Mission To Bring 2.0 Products Into Apple'S Ecosystem

Internet/B2C in Teen/Youth
Redwood City, CA (US West)
Online Resource Empowering Millennials (13 24 Y/O)

Internet/B2C in
Redwood City (US West)

Advertising in Direct To Consumer Advertising O...
Israel (ME/Africa)
Drug Marketing And Medication Safety Smart Card

Electronics in Television
New York (US East)
Hue Tv America'S First Multiple Color Ledtv

Advertising in Ad Exchange
Los Angeles (US West)
Crowdfunder Cdnpal Media Network Series A Round

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Business Overview:

Wireless/Mobile in Photo Images Sector

Located in San Francisco, US West

CEO is Neil McGowan


Offering In Development, < 10 Employees


5 Votes

OVERVIEW: We provide an auction marketplace for camera phone content. Consumers with camera phones are often in the best position to capture compelling current-event images. There is no easy way to supply these images to the media industry for a profit. There are over 15,000 media companies globally, publishing content today. These buyers, spend ~$60B on content annually. On the supply side, there are over 1B camera phone of which 128M+ smart phone users with data plans capturing images daily. Competitors falls into 3 groups– media companies, platform providers & sales agencies. Each with different negatives, including: little focus on leveraging the potential camera phone users thru financial rewards; and no sustainable revenue model. The company has gone from concept in Q4'08, to beta service in Q2'09, on ~50K. We've completed the full auction marketplace portal and the iphone application. The company will launch live service in Q3'09.


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