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    Finding passionate CoFounders is difficult. Most times, companies are started by teams that know one another through work or school, versus having a shared passion and common goals. TheFunded wants to change this dynamic, helping passionate teams come together and build great businesses.
    Most venture deals require Independent Board Members, and these Board seats are rarely filled by truly independent representatives. Many leading CEO Members of would be willing to serve as Independent Directors, so we saw this as a unique and valuable service to the community.
    Entrepreneurs that start companies often look for their replacement as the company grows with the assistance of venture firms and other vendors. This process is expensive and time consuming. Everyone in this value chain, including prospective candidates, are frequent visitors to, so we saw this as a logical service that will make life easier for everyone.
    Members come from a variety of industries, including technology, software, online, biotech, life sciences, and clean technology sectors. Members can easily refer opportunities to people that they know, which expands the reach of a posting exponentially.
    This is a new service. Given the responsiveness of Members, we expect that good opportunities will receive a half dozen qualified applicants.

    Please take a moment and make a financial contribution to TheFunded. If we have helped you, help us with resources to further grow the both the site and our entrepreneur training program, The Founder Institute.

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